What’s Your Body Telling You About Realizing Your Dreams?    


Achieving Your Dreams....I was listening to the radio recently and heard an interview with Ryan Vogelsong, pitcher for the World Series champs S.F. Giants. He shared how he was complaining about some of their friends to his wife one morning saying, “ They don’t seem to be happy about their lives.” She replied to him with, “ Ryan, not everyone gets to live out childhood dreams like you did and still do.” He was humbled by what she said, and became more compassionate for others and more appreciative of the life he has. What I got most from his interview was that he never lost faith in his dream and always “believed” he would one day pitch in the series.

I felt inspired by what he said but even more, I started reflecting on my own dreams I achieved, some I still am inspired to realize, and how much my beliefs affected the outcomes. I also reminded myself that there are many ways to create happiness and it’s of course not just about realizing childhood dreams. However like Ryan, many of us as kids, did dream of being ball players, rock stars, parents and world leaders. His was to win a baseball world series, and he did it!!!! What a thrill, and how surreal a moment that must have been for him. He believed, never wavered on his belief, took action, and achieved his dream.

James Allen, author of As a Man Thinketh wrote: “Belief always precedes action.” Since your beliefs determine not only if but how you take action, positive beliefs are more likely to foster actions and attitudes that attract positive outcomes and achieve dreams.

In sessions and seminars I always ask people what they really want in life and invite them to articulate the dreams they would pursue if time and money were not an obstacle. With genuine excitement, they begin to put their heart’s desire into words. The dream might be of buying a home, starting a business, finding a mate, writing the great American novel, or scoring a screenplay. Then I watch to see what their body has to say about it. What I see way too often is people expressing a dream and within a matter of seconds their posture starts to shift and shrink. I’ve seen faces light up as deep desires are put into words; no sooner than the utterance leaves their lips the enthusiasm drains from their faces.

What happened?

I observe that when a person expands to embrace a larger life or dream come true, and then s/he immediately contracts, it shows that they mentally desire the dream, but their body is not ready to embrace or carry the dream or holds a former limited belief towards achieving that dream. Their doubt shows up like a large billboard through body language, posture, facial expressions, choking and more.

Take a few moments to consider your own dreams and beliefs that may live within you that sabotage those dreams.

  • Begin by taking several deep breaths and when you’re ready, answer the following questions and notice what you feel and observe in your body.
  • What happens when you dream of something you would like to have in your life?
  • Do you follow through, forget about it or find excuses why you can’t create it?
  • How many great goals or dreams have you conceived, and then ignored, given up or not followed through on?
  • Are you aware of a voice or body sensation stopping you from believing you could really get what you want, or taking action?
  • What might be the source of this procrastination or inaction?


Of course it isn’t always feasible to act on every dream that you have. Nonetheless, ask yourself which one or two important dreams or goals you have been putting off. Now imagine how your life would change if you stopped putting off your dreams by listening to your body and discovered your limiting beliefs.