Is It Your Mind or Your Thyroid That’s Got You Down?

A tiny butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck can make your life Heaven or Hell. 

It's called the Thyroid, the chief of our endocrine system, which directs our entire metabolism. It secretes a hormone that acts as the "gas pedal" for all of our bodily organs and activities, especially the brain. If you are a person with low thyroid you could be suffering from symptoms of low temperature, slow movements, low heart rate, slow digestion, slow speech, poor sleep, bad memory, slow thoughts, and low mood.  Maybe it's more then than your mind that's got you down?

In an interview with the Thyroid guru Dr. Richard Shames, who along with his wife and daughter wrote a revolutionary new book, Thyroid Mind Power: The Proven Cure for Hormone-Related Depression, Anxiety, and Irritability (Rodale Books) he shared, "Patients, friends, and family often ask me, "Why have you focused your medical practice all these years on thyroid?" 

I am continually astonished people don't realize that thyroid imbalance has mushroomed into one of the most common of all physical conditions."

Shames shares that the number of prescriptions for thyroid medicines now exceeds that for almost any other category of illness. Thus, the chance that you might have a thyroid issue is well worth considering, even if you have "normal" tests.

The reason for the this skyrocketing incidence is finally clear. This silent epidemic is due to the growing pollution of our air, food, and water with hormone-disrupting synthetic chemicals.

And here is the kicker according to Shames, "A thyroid imbalance in any person, diagnosed or not, can cause mental and psychological symptoms. Any psychological condition can have thyroid as a cause or contributor.

Check this out. An astounding 1 in 10 Americans has some degree of thyroid imbalance and even a mild imbalance can cause severe symptoms. Shames suggests, "If you have troublesome mental symptoms, whether you are taking psychological medicine or not, whether doing psychotherapy or not, you may want to determine if thyroid imbalance is an issue for you.

According to Shames studies show that even mild forms of high and low thyroid are disturbingly significant.  You could have a mild thyroid imbalance and still have a tremendously difficult psychological problem as a result of that mild medical condition.

Thus, thyroid malfunction encompasses aspects of both body and mind. Keeping the thyroid functioning properly can help millions of people feel better fast. Allowing our thyroids to malfunction is wreaking havoc on our lives. Here's to Thyroid mind power.