The insights and techniques contained in these videos have been put to the test.

Author, SpeakeSteve Sisgoldr and Body Centered Therapist Steve Sisgold has presented his whole body solutions for changing beliefs in programs by Dr. Lissa Rankin, Martha Beck, Amy Ahlers, Christine Arylo, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Shakti Gawain, Alan Cohen and many other thought leaders.
Steve has also shared his insights and proven techniques with companies like Pay Pal, e Bay,
Google, Kaiser Permanente and on large stages at conferences and conventions.

Now for the first time Steve is making his entire program for changing beliefs available…….up close and personal, to you
through 4 instantly downloadable videos.

Steve Sisgold




Identify and change unproductive, limited beliefs that may stop you from creating what you want.

arrowRecognize and overcome patterns and habits that take you away from your body’s intelligence.
arrowUnderstand how to listen to, access and respond to the important clues your body has for you.
arrowRewire your brain and autonomic nervous system with healing, positive beliefs that will help you create more energy, creativity and confidence into your life.

 “Everything we’ve ever felt or experienced is stored in the library of our flesh, not just in our brains. Issues that block us from happiness and success live in our body, from memories held in our cells, like scientists Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton and others have shown us. To experience liberation from anxiety and ongoing often self induced challenges, true exploration must include an increased level of body awareness and knowledge of how to excavate and clear limited beliefs and patterns held in the cellular memory of the body first.” Steve Sisgold.

Steve Sisgold

This interactive video workshop is the culmination of Steve's prolonged and systematic study of body language, somatic intelligence, psychology and spirituality as they relate to how we form beliefs and store them in our body, and how they affect our health, well-being, relationships and success.

YOU WILL learn how to access and integrate your 3 forms of Intelligence - IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and BQ (Body Centered Intelligence), and breathe, move, and express feelings and energy that could be mentally, emotionally and physically keeping you stuck.


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Mind